Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Land of Narrow Street (Laneways) : Melbourne

Friends, if you ask me What are the interesting places at Melbourne? ... only and one word ....
"Laneways". Laneways are nothing but, narrow streets of Melbourne. All these laneways exploring the Melbourne City on a Saturday afternoon time. There are more than 150 very small streets. If you would like to meet all these narrow streets (laneways) once in a week, for remaining you have to spent near about three and a half years time. Just take a look at some of these laneways and their names here ...
1. ACDC Lane (AC/DC Lane) 2. Beaney Lane
3. Bennetts Lane 4. Bligh Place 5. Celestial Lane
6. Club Lane 7. Cohen Place 8. Commerce Way
9. Crombie Lane 10. Dame Edna Place, formerly Browns Alley 11. Davisons Place 12. Duckboard
Place 13. Evans Lane 14. Exploration Lane 15. Flinders Court 16. Gun Alley 17. Hayward Lane
18. Highlander Lane 19. Highlander Lane
20. Hosier Lane 21. Juliet Alley 22. Jones Lane
23. Manton Lane 24. McKillop Street 25. Meyers Place 26. Niagara Lane 27. Rankins Lane
28. Racing Club Lane 29. Romeo Alley
30. Temperance Hall Lane 31. Waratah Place
32. Warburton Alley 33. Windsor Place

Melbourne Laneways are built of a labyrinth of lanes and alleys. You can feel the area has been emphasized by sounds of cafes and street noises. You can find here very interesting and beauteous graffiti art covers on the many of the alley walls in the city. Cobblestone streets, is projected for walking traffic only, and having the good texture of bricks in Laneways. If you plan to stay at Melbourne particularly to test and feel the essence of laneways, just search for the cheapest range hotels in melbourne near to laneways.

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