Saturday, October 06, 2007

Online Dating : Analysis to Estimate Emotions!

Dating, the gorgeous, attractive, bonny and glorious word.

Online Dating has a touch sensation. What is the feeling of people behind it?.

Why all the routes of various sites getting jammed? I have read so many reviews on this issue. Is all are reliable? Peoples taking a singles date, are they really faithful? Do you have any experience about it? What it required? A good looking face! or Good Attitude? All these profiles checked by any resourceful or any sort of trust worthy institution? Many questions.....and only one answer "No!" Whatever it may be, I am also a candidate of this Online Dating School. I met so many persons virtually i.e. on the screen only. And got a good experience. I have many friends on one of the most famous Online Dating portal. We send and receive many messages and blurbs daily to each other. What is the outcome?

It is nothing but a Friendship...

A real and virtual friendship. I don't know them even having their photographs on the net or don't have any cell no. Even though, we are tide in boundless relationship. Till time I never asked any singles for a Date or not going to find a date anymore.

But the experience is, I have totally bonded in a great relationship...the relationship, in which, everyone can fall with sudden forceful flow.

I might think that Friendship is also a part of Dating.

I come across 3 to 4 fake online dating services, it is noting but you spent a lot of time. But, still there are such online dating services who will help you to find a date, without doing any sort of Lazarus.

I read reviews of many people on the net. They replied Dating is nothing but the circle of Friends, Relationships, and Internal and Sexual Encounters. Well it so. Till time, I never judge What is Dating? But in reality I like it, coz, you invite someone to spent your life's beautiful moments with her/him, I just impress this feeling without knowing each other. Now, please excuse me .... I am going to find a date with someone....Oh god, she is online .... I'll be back soon to share my views and golden experiences ..... till time...take care...byeeeeee!!!
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