Tuesday, October 16, 2007

People Search Application - Spock.com

You have been using Google search for whatever you want to search online. You might have tried using Google for finding out phone numbers or addresses. But finding out people online is an innovative idea.

How that can be innovative! Have a look at Spock.com. But this website is not something a encyclopedia of People. But it's a contribution from you, the people for the online people search. Let's find out how it works.

Everyone has their online identity and everyone has to make sure that online identity and online reputation should be managed. Every such person can join Spock to claim their search results. And whenever online people search for this person, the spock results will show this person's real details which were contributed by himself or herself. Spock's ultimate aim is to provide a search result for every person in the world so users can discover information about people in their life. Sounds a great idea!

Let's check out an example here. I searched for keyword "Christian LGBT" and this is the search result at Spock.com for keyword "Christian LGBT". Check out the peoples' search result related to the keyword I searched.

Looking at the financial support they have received from the venture capitalist, I am sure they would have every person in this world joining this online people search community.

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