Saturday, October 27, 2007

Photo Blankets : The Life You Remember Ever

Guyes, do you ever picked up your olden days in the form of pics or photos? or do you ever show your precious moments to your younger kids ever? I might think that, all of you have NO answer on this issue. Yes, you have the memories in the form of pics or photos but they are of no use till time, coz of fed or poor quality photo. But here, a good technology called "photo blankets" knocked your door to solve your problems. With the help of photo blankets you can achieve the orginal result of your previous poor or fed quality pictures which are the most precious and important moments of your life. Photo blankets provides service to your special events like weddings, funerals, pregnancies, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, and family reunions. It holds your all these moments in the form of pics which are now in the form of poor quality. weddings, funerals, pregnancies, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, and family reunions, Picture Blankets are a unique way to hold time still.
In this great technology, you can many pics as you would like. If you would like to upload your photographs by using photo blankets online creation tool you should able to upload 16 nos. of pics at a time. Now you might think about your old and poor quality photos and its expected quality from photo blankets. I tell you one thing, that you need not worry about your old, fed or poor quality photos beacuse your pictures are permenantly dyed into the fabric colors which never ever fed or your expected image never been looking like peal for ever. Guys, all your beloved picturs or digital photos are professionally dyed into the blanket fabric (13 fabric colors) using the great production technology known as "laphotoblankets". This process does not alter the blankets fabric texture, due to this great reason you can get soft, and superb high quality photo blankets.

One more thing, I would like to add here. Compare to other photo blankets like Woven/Knitted Blankets or any sort of other fleece Photo Blankets you can find here awesome, amazing and very thick quality of photos in photo blankets. This photo blankets provides you 3 top most sizes like 30"x40", 50"x60", and 60"x72". You have option to choose any color from 13 fleece colors for bottom layer. You have hands in many collage and layout designs, border color and sizes available with photo blankets for your reference. With the help of photo blankets you can use 500 k data images but the condition is that all are in jpeg i.e. (.jpg) format. Also, you can see the preview of your previous fed photos after using photo blankets technology which seems to be your greatest and excellent end quality what you want or expected. So, it is worth to go with photo blanket with close your eyes and remember your belongings into new look.

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