Thursday, October 11, 2007

Smorty : The Smart Way of Earning

I am a one of the blog lover like you. Before coming on this Blogger Platform, I am doing my TIME PASS with so many nuisance things. The things which never gives me any sort of money. In typical sense, I am a great Social Worker (??), and doing my social work (??) by putting own economy in to it. Actually, there is no any sort of penny I earned till time. But, one day, during surfing on the net with my friend I came across one smorty word on google search. Before that I never heard about this "get paid to blog" site. My friend explained me each and every thing about this site and told me how he convert his blog for money. I submitted my blog to smorty and eagerly waiting for their reply. After 2 days they approved my blog and considering me under their concept of "get paid for blogging". Most of the bloggers and advertisers are likely to attach this smorty site and they feel secure about their earnings for long time. I also feel and sense that, this site proved a EARNING MILESTONE for my life. Now a days, I am waiting for "new opportunities" from this site. So, friends, I am going to present here some good and helpful information regarding this "get paid to blog" site. It is a little effort from my side which would help you to earn by doing your work only for 2-3 hrs daily. Just take a look ....

Friends, one question raised in your mind that, Why so many persons looked after smorty as an earning media? The reason is that, it has no limit to earn and you can take more than 1 tasks (may be 5 or 6, depending upon smorty management, what they alloted to you!) and you have to completed it within the time. All the bloggers have freedom to write a review on his own way (it means, bloggers could not copy any sort of review or other's material and used for her/his task) by choosing any topic (task) or they have various alternatives to choose from the smorty console. You can also see there the payout rate of each and every theme (what you getting paid after doing a particular task). At the left side of the smorty console, you can see there your current earning status.

It is a success path for many advertisers and bloggers (we people). Advertisers, who are willing to promote their business for worlds population, they are also get connected with smorty for their future's huge earing and business growth.

Till time I have experienced a lot about smorty .... now its your turn to earn ....

Smorty is nothing but a honest and smart way of earning ... so, don't wait .... just do it ! and earn as you can.... Best Luck for your Smart Way !!
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