Saturday, November 17, 2007


How much you would know about EUROPE? I don’t know, but one thing is clear you must fly over Europe to grab your life’s precious, pleasant and beautiful moments. If you are thinking about Europe, please plan these beauteous places in the list London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona.

While traveling in Europe you have some sort of vehicle to move. If it is a car, I think there is no such pleasure to move with. There are many way to move around Europe e.g. by air, road and rail. Inspite of that you must choose “road” for your next move and feel the enjoyable consequences. If you could not aware how to get there by car, it’s my little effort help you to solve your problem right here.

Guys, for getting a car at Europe, you should have 6 basic information and important rules for the same. Just look at here one-by-one.

  1. A valid Driving License: If you have a Valid Driving A valid driving license in an EU country is valid throughout the EU. No, the old national driving licenses remain valid until the period of validity expires. However, it is compulsory to exchange the driving license before the expiry of the validity period. It is also possible to exchange it earlier by making a specific request. You will then be issued with a new Community model license with categories corresponding to those which were recorded on the old model.
  2. Vehicle Registration Documents
  3. Age of your driving car
  4. Motor Insurance
  5. Speed Limits
  6. Tolls
I had great experience during my Europe visit. When I reach London, it is very difficult task that how to get cheapest range of hotels in london. After enquirey I got a very good hotel in london near Baker Street.

Same experience I have got at Paris. I stayed in 'Charles De Gaulle Int'l Hotel' near to airport. This hotels in Paris erves so many extra things within setteled rates.

My third stay at Berlin. So, many great things have seen during my visit at Berlin. Guys, you can save much more amount by choosing lowest rate hotels in berlin. I would like to clear one thing here, MORE YOU SAVE MORE YOU CAN ENJOY.

During my Europe visit, it's my last but not least stop at Barcelona coz, I must move towards my next destination. Here, I have saved money staying with a great i.e. 'Tryp Barcelona aeropuerto Hotel'. hotels in Barcelona

Guys, you are requested to take an advantage during your visit if would plan for Europe.
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