Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How I Purchased Dyson Vacuum?

"Ding ♫♫ Dong ♫♫ Ding ♫♫ Dong ♫♫” the bell of my flat ringing at the evening. We (my wife and kid) were watching the great kids movie “Home Alone” at that time. Our pleasures mood suddenly goes down. I opened door, one smart looking guy standing in front of me. He smiled and said,”Good Evening Sir, I am Jack and representing one of the most popular consumer product company. Our company launched a handy vacuum cleaner. We sold it out on minimal price as it is our marketing strategy and for customer’s feedback. Please, spare few minutes for me”. I thought for a while and allowed him to enter.

He shown me a vacuum cleaner and explained its advantages and usefulness for 1½ hrs. Guys, really, I impressed about this product what he explained to me. I just turned around my wife. She was not at the place. I called her twice. After 5 minutes my wife came back with some instrument and told me, “Please, excuse me!! Just move a little bit aside”.

Now, battle begins. Discussion is going on between a Smart marketing guy JACK and my wife. Within a 15 minutes, smart marketing guy left from my home. I noticed one thing. My wife is great debater than me. Yes, it is truth. After some time, I came to the point and asked my wife. “when you purchased this machine?” I looked at her face. She puzzled for a while and told me. “Sorry, dear, I couldn’t told you about this Dyson Vacuum Cleaner. Really, I am sorry”, “But you just can’t imagine how it is useful for us?” I replied, “My dear madam, please explain me how it is better than others?”

My home minister charged and acting as a marketing personnel, “Sir, this is a DC18 Allergy Bagless model of Dyson Vacuum Cleaner. It is a slender and smaller one and the best value in a bagless upright vacuum cleaner, cleaning as well or better than more expensive models. It accommodates easily into the closet. It is not hard to push or steer. It easily fits into the tight spots like under and around the kitchen chairs. It is easy to turn. If you’re dire for something that will clean carpet well and can live with all of the other inconvenience, then you must consider this unit. It has powerful and great suction and it fritters out clean air from the exhaust. I would have to vacuum along the baseboard with the scepter. You never found such type of compactness, amazing suction, super quiet and fair price ever. Sir, it weighs only 15.8 lbs. Its brush attachment works curiosities to clean the base boards. And the other attachments I used for the mattress and it seems to work fine there. The extension baton is easy to remove and use. This Vacuum Cleaner is based on Advanced Dyson Cyclone Technology with no choked filters and no loss of suction. A motorized cleaner head is easy to guide and clean in tight spaces. It extends instantly for stair and high reach cleaning. Overall, this DC 18 Allergy Bagless model of Dyson Vacuum Cleaner is a first-rate vacuum that cleans very well. I couldn’t believe what it had picked up in one use. I really felt like I was cleaning and could see the results. I love that. I would like to buy it as a gift for my relatives. And most important thing is parts and labor guaranteed by Dyson for 5 years. Just look at here the great range, types and models of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners”

Any questions my dear hubby?

Guys, I was not in condition to say something to her at that time coz, my lips are locked on her explanation. It’s a great pleasure for me to have a great minded wife.I decide to shop with her hereafter.
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