Friday, February 29, 2008

Bloggerwave : The New Beneficiary Concept

The person who taught me the techniques about blogging and blogger world, takes a firm stand against me to open an account on bloggerwave. Actually, from last 3 years he is a player of this internet world and doing SEO work through this beauteous media.

Yes, I am walking on his footsteps. Like other bloggers, I also wish to make money through my blogging. And as per the experience and readership he granted me as good writer. Thanks to him.

But before moving these blog world, from last 2 years I am working on my writing skill and this skill now help me to make money with the assistance of bloggerwave.

Still at this moment, I was not aware to bloggerwave. My Guru told me to just extract your beliefs on given issues and write accordingly with truehearted, that's it. This is the basic funda (concept) of this company could play the trump card in my future life, known as bloggerwave.

It is his (My GURU) helping hands to give me the energy to work with bloggerwave for my ambitious drive. Now my blog has been approved and this company spread his helping hands towards me to make money.

Thanks to bloggerwave, and his concept to link up the bloggers from all over the world for both way working on the beneficiary writes out.

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