Friday, February 08, 2008

How to buy a good quality refrigerator?

There are many controversies on selection of refrigerator. I am also confused due its various models, prices, capacities and about so many things. Yesterday’ I also bought a unique refrigerator and I am happy now to it in front of me. What are the things make us happy while purchasing a good quality refrigerator. Just take a look here. It will solve your problems and controversies regarding the purchase of refrigerator.


Normally Refrigerator capacity ranges from 165 liters at the first appearance to 600 liters at the peak side. If you are belonging to middle class family 2 - 4 people a size of 175 - 200 is just a right choice for you, although 220 - 250 would be ideal. Also you can do it depending upon your monetary fund. For a family of 4 - 6 people, you would require a more expectant capacity- 300 liters or more.

For the upper middle classes, who are more into consuming ready-mades / packaged foods, ice creams, cheese spreads and various and miscellaneous items that require refrigeration, 175 liters in never suited to your homes in terms of looks.


This is extremely immanent, and dissents from person to person. It is my advice to take your time, first figure out what you store normally, and determine whether it fits your necessities. I would like to elaborate one point, worth noting is that some brands have shelves that are wider, while others have narrow shelves with greater vertical separation. The effect is the same: In the first, you can store side-by-side, whereas in the other you can double grace. By and large, there is not much conflict in the smaller sizes. As you go up the capacity scale, differences come outs.


Normally refrigerator comes in powder coated and steel finish. Both are equally indestructible, and make the choice based on your budget and your predilections.


Be aware about one thing here, just look for the star (*) rating of a refrigerator. It is rated by an authoritative body for power consumption. It is the fact that the higher the stars, the lower the power consumption. So, it is very important about star ratings.

I preferred a voltage stabilizer, although one brand has come out with a range of 165 - 290 volts permissiveness. But remember, fluctuations can go beyond that range. You must need to check whether this brand passes on exceptionally high voltages to the refrigerator {I suspicious it does, although I am not sure}. Voltages of 330 and above have been passed through our domestic supplies {below my TV 10 years ago that way}. Hence, a beneficial voltage stabilizer is all important.


It is very important to have a service in both frost free and direct cool category. Important in single doors. Check service reputation, spares availability, speed of response, shop reputation i.e. dealer from where you are purchasing refrigerator.


Before moving in details about prices and brands, you must check once the best prices of refrigerator here.

Now, if you agree me, just go for shopping (keeping in mind above points) your unique refrigerator.
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