Saturday, April 26, 2008

Start your new life at Look of the Year

Guys, you have seen so many online contest on the internet world. But do you have ever seen a online beauty contest on the net? It is quite amazing, you know!

Yes, it is truth, here is one incomparable online beauty contest known as Look of the Year. What it needs to be a part of it? It requires all those things like other beauty contest. If you would like to being a super model then here is your platform to fulfill your all dreams.

Here I am inviting all the young and talented buddies to be a part of this contest. Buddies, here is the big deal if you win this contest. Just imagine what $10.000 USD means to you? Off course, it means a lot for you and your future.

I know you are quite puzzled that who are eligible to take a part in this contest? Buddies, it is open for all, anyone can be a part of this contest. Guys, it is the platform that you can make your dreams beautiful.

The site, Look for the Year awaiting for guys all over the globe to be the future model working in Paris, Milan and New York. So, be a part of attractive platform with beautiful people.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It is nice to be Important but it is more Important to be Nice

The title of this article is much more self explanatory. I never seen such type of beautiful "punch line" on any other blog till time. Actually there are so many personal blogs on this blog land with various subjects. I think, now days the definition has been changed with the word personal. Because, we bloggers, never kept anything personal on individual blogs, even though whatever the matter concerning the personal things.

The guy, belong with Philippines having age or 30 years who is a working student in one of the most prestigious institution, in Davao City placed his personal blog on this blog land. He has a very good positive point that his girlfriend stood behind him for great support. (Dear Jopal, please give some sort of credit to your girlfriend through your blog or articles, because there are few people on this planet to whom someone stood behind for support through out the life).

Well, I am here to talking about one person Mr. Jopal and his personal blog having a fantastic articles. "Blog is the mirror of bloggers heart and mind." The way he/she exposed him/her self is different. But if you look at Jopal's personal blog. You can find, sense and feel the variety of articles flashing on his blog. For example, some days back he has PR1 and now it reduced to "0". There are so many reasons for this happening like, no consecutive articles on the blog or back links matters. But, I am sure that one day Mr. Jopal regain its original and improved rank on this blog land.

What I like most on his personal blog? It is nothing but the reviews of various recent movies with beautiful language. If you surf on his blog and respective articles like Incredible Hulk 2008, Forbidden Kingdom, X-Men Origin : Wolverine, etc. you can sense the essence of his writing style which is helpful to other bloggers who have just entered on this blog land. After all article writing and reading also an art. So, other bloggers must read Jopal's personal blog for the reference (not for copy).

Dear Jopal, good going and keep it up with great work on this blog land.