Tuesday, November 04, 2008

CrsInc.com : A Right Path Finder on Car Allowance

Many companies have changed their entire Management Policies in terms of soft furnishing and hard furnishing. The term "Car Allowance" is related to hard furnishing. Such companies made this provision to their employees especially for manager category. It is resulting to fulfill the dreams of those employees who are not able to purchase a car by their own. Actually, it is the necessity of the both parties; both an employee and employer have taken opportunity of this unique provision to travel for business opportunity at the customer's door, in turn save time and money as well.

Many of us (who have stayed back to the managerial post) have experience that at the end of the month we have to claim individual's Car allowance sometimes through the HR department or directly to the accounts department.

At the rush hours, it was happened many times with my colleagues and friends that they have a disagreement over the car allowance figurings. Some of guys intentionally forgot the said amount due to their sudden outburst of anger attitude. From last couple of days our group thought on this issue but finally we have empty hands.

Five days back, while surfing on the net I have found one website that proved a well-rounded solution on this issue. I have got such website named "CrsInc.com". The website, CRS, i.e., Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. is a management consulting firm that advises professionally on the issue of company's car allowance procedure. First, when I contacted with CRS, they give up an evenhandedly and precise breakage plan for me and my colleagues. Now, the month end scenario has been totally changed and no one arguing on this matter at finance department. Guys, if you are looking for such service then I recommend "CrsInc.com" to be a right path finder on car allowance. Just shake your hands with CrsInc.com.
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