Thursday, September 30, 2010

7-Inch Dell Tablet : A Great Innovation By Dell

7-Inch TabletYeah! It is true that 7-Inch Dell Tablet coming within the next few weeks”. It may come in your hands before November’10. Dell Greater China President Amit Midha said Wednesday that they (Dell Inc.) now going to plunge their 7-Inch Dell Tablet in coming days and a 10-inch tablet within one year of time. This news reveals according to The Wall Street Journal. So, as a part of marketing Texas-based Dell has joined a host of computer makers belting along to offer tablets, which are generally smaller than laptops but larger than mobile phones, following the launch of Apple Inc.'s iPad about five months ago. The iPad has a 9.7-inch screen.

One thing I would like to explore here is Ben Pimentel has details on the debut of Dell's Streak, a tablet computer that operates on Google's Android platform and is aimed at competing with Apple's iPad. I think now a great healthy technology war may begin between these two great entities.

A week ago, Dell Chief Executive Michael Dell briefly flashed a seven-inch device at an Oracle Corp. conference in the U.S. but did not put up a give up date yet. I think it is a great deal between Microsoft Corporation and Dell that they bring up a new technology for their world wide end users. Off course it is a great market place and opportunity to Dell group that they achieve their annual revenue to surpass US$60 billion in the current year. It is not wonder that China will overtake the U.S. as the company's biggest PC market by 2012, repeating that Dell expects the PC market in China to grow by 18%-20%, with Dell increasing its market share. Apart from these financial figures end user from every corner of the world surely happy with this great innovation by Dell.
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