Wednesday, September 22, 2010

External USB SATA Drive Dock : Relatively Less in Price

External USB SATA Drive DockI don’t what you are thinking about storage for your personal use. But yes, external USB SATA Drive Dock help you in many ways. The best feature of it that the cost involved in it is relatively low in price. Yeah! You could not believe me. It is less than a dollar per gigabyte. Music and video are being archived at home by everyone from you to your grandmother. Accordingly, hard-drives are being upgraded constantly, and quite a few of them end up getting discarded. Just because they are small, though, does not make them useless.

Just drop away your spare hard drives into this USB dock and it mounts as an available volume on your Windows, Mac OS, or Linux computer via either a USB or an eSATA connector.

One more thing I would like to add here is you can connect it equally well with big 3.5" desktop SATA hard drives and 2.5" laptop hard-drives.

For more features on external USB SATA Drive Dock just click here.
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