Thursday, October 21, 2010

iPad Applications : Just See It's Versatility

Apple iPad
Friends, please let me know how many Apple iPad Applications all you have come across till time? It may be three or four or sometimes six. But just take a look at below list. Huuuusssssh...!!! I think no one can see such type of huge iPad Applications here before. Guys, if you are not still aware about your iPad Applications then just tackle the below list to check it out on your own.

Yeah! It is a magical and revolutionary gadget that serves you through many purposes. Hey, have you checked iPad Application on your gadget? If not then just check the following top 30 best iPad applications so far and see how exciting your iPad turns.

1. ABC Player
2. Adobe® Ideas 1.0 for iPad
3. Aurora Feint 3
5. Dragon Dictation
6. Dropbox
7. Ebay for iPad
8. Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List
9. Evernote
10. Font Displayer
11. IMBD Movies & TV
12. Kayak Flights
13. Kindle
14. Loopt Pulse
15. Movies
16. Netflix
17. NPR for iPad
18. Pandora Radio
19. Photobucket
20. Shiny drum
21. Sports illustrated Magazine
22. SugarSync
23. Tap Tap Radiation
24. The Weather Channel Max for iPad
25. Things for iPad
26. TweetDeck for iPad
27. Wall Street Journal
28. Wikipanion
29. WordPress
30. Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader
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