Thursday, October 21, 2010

OpenFolklore: The New Treasure Trunk of Information

Yeah! It is true that, the American Folklore Society and the the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries, in cooperation with the IU Digital Library Program, teamed up to create the Open Folklore portal absolutely free. Seven days back it was launched. You all can access it here "OpenFolklore".

OpenFolkloreYou can able to browse different sections like Books, Websites, Gray Literature, Journals and many more. This site can easily searchable by keyword on search engines.

As I said it is a new treasure trunk of information - yeah! It is true. Just take an example of books. You know what? This website contains over 57,000 volumes. In fact all of those are out of right of first publication or otherwise fully available. I think it is a great deal to get an essence of free information.

Source: OpenFolklore
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