Friday, February 11, 2011

Teleconferencing : A New Way of Communication

Teleconferencing – a well known word to the world. All we know that, meetings are an important part of the job in Extension. This is because face-to-face (FTF) interaction is the traditional standard on which we base our communication with clientele groups, advisory boards, and Extension colleagues. However, FTF meetings may be an inefficient and costly way to conduct business, particularly when participants must travel a great distance. Over the past few years, travel-related costs (lodging, airfare, meals), have increased at a rate frequently greater than that of inflation.1 Travel budgets, on the other hand, have often remained static or decreased. An alternative meeting format called teleconferencing may be a solution.

TeleconferencingIs there anyone who has not heard of teleconferencing, today's fast-rising method of interchanging information between individuals living in various geographical locations and time zones? This is more famous among agencies and companies, large and small, to help quick and effective exchange of ideas. This is a lot simpler than having to plan conferences, or even trainings, at a certain place with many attendees who may or might not be attend at that appointed time and venue.

Teleconferencing can only facilitate the linking of people-it does not alter the complexity of group communication. Although it may be easier for us to communicate with teleconferencing, it may also be easier for us to miscommunication. Just go for teleconferencing.
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