Friday, April 08, 2011

Computational Architecture : Wonders of Computer

I don’t know how many of us are aware about the subject “Computational Architecture”. Surely it is a new world of computer. It is the project involves the conception and design of a new column order based on subdivision processes. It explores how subdivision can define and decorate this column order with an elaborate system of ornament.

Michael HansmeyerHere is fantastic creator very well-known as Michael Hansmeyer who creates a ‘wonders of mass’ what the world known it as Computational Architecture. Some people say it looks like a reptile, some people think it looks like an underwater creature and other people bring up the Gothic.

Anybody can realize that his creation looks like an architectural fantasy from a world far in the future, but Michael Hansmeyer's complex column design is so real you can touch it. His work is composed of sixteen million faces and made from 2,700 layers of cardboard. It is the result of a cutting-edge computational process and people's responses to it are just as improbable. All these columns are composed of 16 million faces generated by computer.

You know what? To make the design reality, laser cutters sliced the design out of 2,700 individual layers of 1mm-thick cardboard sheets. The layers were then stacked around a load-bearing core to produce a 2.7 meter-high prototype.

To watch Michael Hansmeyer’s creations of Computational Architecture - Click Here.

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