Saturday, October 01, 2011

Apple iPhone 5 : Curse or Boon?

Yeah! It is true that nearly half of all North American mobile users plan to buy an iPhone 5. Apple iPhone 5 physically not entered in the world market yet. But Apple iPhone 5 rumors are flying worldwide like a rocket. Yeah! You know what? It is funny that people are talking about a device that hasn't even been announced yet, and may not even be called the '5' but the '4S'.

Apple iPhone ReleaseIf you ask me then it's just new iOS 5 and iCloud integration that gives it potential upside. Someone who drank the Apple cool aid and hasn't missed my Windows machine or iPAQ (remember those?) or Palm Pilot or Windows Mobile Phone in years.

I am glad to see the notifications updated. Yeah! It is badly needed. Many of us say about Apple iPhone 5 release - "iPhone No Way". It is just a waste lot of time for updating. One can need to open each application to update e.g., News, Weather, Calendar, Mail and Facebook etc. All need to open one by one.

Apple iPhone 5In fact, Android is the way to Go. Widgets do all magic. No need to open applications. All updates available at home screen. If we look at the Apple iPhone 5 sides one can realize that the Os of it is just boring. Certainly! One can raise the question about it. What's the point of clicking through every app, to see what’s up?

I think my Windows Phone 7 better now. The live tiles and the social network integration are simply breathless.

In my views, Apple can try to copy the best of WP7, but they are one page behind. You know what? It is really unthinkable thing. I don't know people are goanna crazy or really they are in need such a smart device that suits their daily requirements. I think Apple iPhone 5 release may disappoint you. Let us see. What happen next? Till time enjoy with your ready devices.

Source Courtesy: Live Debate: Is Apple's iPhone 5 your dream phone?
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