Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are you really safe while surfing?

Friends, really, I don’t know how safe your surfing on Internet is? Because I have just read out this statement that “approximately 40 percent of small and midsize businesses have suffered as they act in disregard of laws, rules, contracts, or promises because of malware nibbled up by employees while visiting the Web, social networking sites. Are you really met with such accidents here before? If yes, then this article is for you.

Net SurfingThis is the important subject I am exploring here with because someone somewhere caught behind it unknowingly. One more point I would like to examine minutely here with is; this is the subject of a newly released survey by Security Technology Developer GFI Software. Their study, conducted among about 200 IT decision makers at organizations with between 5 and 249 employees, found that 40 percent of the answerers had suffered an offend related to malware that workers arrested while surfing the Web.

In fact, many of us are familiar with internet usage, but how many of us really know and understand the possible risks that can encroach upon and defeat soundly our computers and impersonate dangers to our lives. I think it's important for every internet user and computer owner to be aware of what adware and spyware are and interpret the difference. Once you are armed with all the information I am dam sure that you can make decision on how to protect your computer. These malicious softwares are a springing up concern for every internet user. No doubt, they obtrude upon your privacy and are bad with PC connected to internet.

I really don’t know how many of us are aware about web safety tips for the web. It is the truth that where there are brilliant minds comforting our lives with new ways of connecting people, there are also malicious minds busting up our lives with the same media. So it is all-important to use the internet with forethoughts in place. The most cardinal safety measure is the use of anonymous surfing software. Even you can use program to remove Adware and Spyware. You know what? Anonymous surfing software is an application that keeps you safe while on the internet. It gives your web browsing namelessness, preventing tracking and other misuse of your presence on the internet. So, just think on it!

Source: How safe is your surfing? Few SMBs have social networking security policy
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