Monday, May 28, 2012

Dual SIM Phones : A Big Hit In The World

Dual SIM phones are a big hit among users nowadays and the demand for such phones is heightening day by day. Dual SIM mobiles sales account for approximately 15 percent of total sales in India. Although the dual SIM mobile phone segment was dominated by local brands till now, but the escalating sales have compelled companies like Nokia, Samsung and Motorola etc. to manufacture variety of dual SIM phones. 8 percent of Indian mobile users prefer multiple SIM cards.

Dual SIM PhonesThis Dual SIM phone enables the user to avail mobile connectivity services from more than one service provider. One can even insert SIMs of several different in the slots that are available in the phone. This enables the user to carry one phone, rather than hoodwinking between two handsets.

If you are someone who travels a lot, or have a mobile phone account which cuts back cheap calls only to a small designated area, you can cut down on your roaming charges by buying another SIM besides the one which you mostly use. Moreover, the ability to have two or more active numbers of various frequencies simultaneously means that you will be always within the range of coverage, regardless of where you go.
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