Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Windows 8 and Windows RT

Windows 8 has inspired computer makers to creativity. With the release of Windows 8, computer makers are doing their best to blur the boundaries with and array of devices that mash keyboards and touchscreens together in different ways, Some of these configurations are new, while others have appeared and disappeared on the market since at least 2002, when Microsoft Corp released Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

Microsoft says it has certified 1,000 devices for use with Windows 8 and its sibling operating system, Windows RT. The two systems look the same, but under the hood, they are quite different.

Windows RT runs only on machines with the type of lower-energy, phone-style chips used in iPad and Kindle tablets. That makes for cheap, thin and light devices with very long battery lives - more than 10 hours. But those devices won't run any programs written for other versions of Windows. In fact, they can run only applications down loaded directly from Microsoft's online store, in a setup borrowed from Apple and its iPhone. The ability of Window RT devices to connect to peripherals such as scanners and printers is also limited.  

I think everyone must get information about Windows 8 vs Windows RT before go ahead.
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