Monday, October 07, 2013

ATM at your fingertips

Mobile banking is one of the fastest ways of money transfer. Though not yet popular in India, the system ensures that your money is transferred safetly.

Making money transactions through your mobile device is here to stay. for those who are yet alien to the conecpt, here is what mobile banking. you an use any mobile and telecom service provider for this purpose.

During fund transfer both the receiver and the sender gets and SMS verifying the transaction. This happens through cities as well. There are minimal service charges for this.

This is a concept that is not popular with many people as yet. It can be used by people who don't have a bank account or internet connection. it is a product in which you can load money through an agent or your cellphone. It is basically categorized into two types, namely open and semi-closed. An open wallet has a bank that is a shareholder and allows you to withdraw cash and the semi-closed is not linked to any bank that does not allow you to withdraw cash, Choose a service provider comparing on the rates and the network.

Article Source : The 'intelligent ATM machine'
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