Sunday, February 23, 2014

Recharge gadgets with body heat

I know all you are tired of carrying a charger. Now recharge gadgets with body heat. Yeah! It is possible. How it works?

The latest Consumer Electric Show in Las Vegas was marked by the introduction of a new revolutionary battery that can power your wearable gadgets using the heat generated by the human body. This ecological system would hopefully be able to recharge watches and other connected accessories.

The Franco-Italian microelectronics company STMIcroelectronics has announed plans, in early 2014, to make a battery that when in contact with skin, recovers natural heat energy to produce electricity.

The project is still in its infancy but hopefully it will be developed and marketed in the next three years, to be integrated in future into the gadgets like smartphones, watches or controllers video games.

This is a true technological breakthrough that will transform the way we use the high-tech everyday objects. This will make our life easier as we would no longer have to worry about recharging the gadgets time and again.

If the heat energy produced by body is available for such use, all problems labeled 'low battery' would be a distant memory. Especially, it would be a rather sacred service to the environment, since we would need to consume less electriciy or avoid buying battery packs.
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