Friday, February 07, 2014

Use of Technology For Good

Whether you want to loose weight or finish writing a novel, there are ways technology can motivate you. Technologis are criticised all the times, but they are beyond helpful if you use them correctly. 
When at home, we can use our personal computer or laptop to access the internet and work on our personal stuff such as banking online, accessing the news website for the latest news, do some online shopping, or we can just simply want to have fun surfing the web.

When at work, we use the computer to produce results based on the information we have stored on the computer or by accessing the internet. However, when we are away from home, we can carry the laptop with us to access the internet, but it can become a little bulky carrying it around with us all over the place. To make it a lot easier, there are several ways to access the internet wherever we go.

There are tons of ways technology can motivate you, so use your electronics to your advantage.

Change your background:

Every time you open your laptop or turn on your phone, the background is the first thing you see. Instead of looking at a celebrity, change your background to an inspirational picture or motivational words. How many times a day will you see the message? One of the ways technology can motivate you is by constatly reminding you to work on your goal.

Have useful apps for different things:

Apps are easy to manage and are always at your fingertips. Take advantage of the convenience and use apps to your advantage. Nowadays with the smart use of phones and technologies there are apps available for everything.

For instance, if you want to get fit, download 'Lose It' to track the food that you eat. If you want a place to store your writing and share it with others, download 'Werdsmith' and so on.

Follow the leader:

Wouldn't it be nice to feel like you are accomplishing something while scrolling down your favourite websites? The YouTube channels you subscribe to the Tumblr pages you follow provide a lot of the content you see when you log on to the websites. You might even see success stories that will push you to do better yourself. The reward is definitely worth the few extra clicks, only if you make most of it.

Make it relevant:

Integrate the advantages of using technology with the lectures and other parts of the course. Refer to it in lectures and course documentation. Record your work, so that you always have something to look for whenever you have free time, rather than simply surfing.

The use of camera:

Use your camera to take pictures of your progress. You don't have to snap a photo every day, but do it every week or month, why do you have to show your every new pose to your friends every time?

Use technology as a learning tool, not just the cool new thing. Rather than simply chatting with friends, if you follow accounts that are aimed at giving tips and tricks to help you accomplish your goal, it will be on your mind more.

Ebooks, audiobooks, internet - we have this huge poll of all kinds of knowledge available on internet. Why not make most of it? Modern ways of communication have even brought us tons of job opportunities that haven't existed before. 

Freelancing, for instance! What I am doing from couple of years.
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