Sunday, June 04, 2006

QCFI and its Contribution to Quality Circle Movement In INDIA

First you need to understand What is QCFI

Over a period, QCFI realized that concept of Quality Circles has immense implications and potential for India, which is a developing country. Development is not an easy task for a country of this size with an alarming population growth, where a vast majority of them, being illiterate and live in pathetic and unhygienic condition in the villages. Added to this, caste and religion are used to create hatred and in fights amongst them.

Under these circumstances any effort put for their development will not work unless they are made to THINK and understand the necessity to use their own ability for the self and mutual development. There is an urgent need for participation, involvement and collective learning of people. Hence the promotion of Quality Circle which has this basic aim in its concept is needed for country wide propagation. Certain experimental efforts by QCFI to promote this concept in villages has shown tremendous results.

Keeping all this in view , the focus of QCFI now is widened to include all the areas for the propagation of this concept. QCFI's Management is vested in an Executive Board headed by a President. QCFI has acquired its own premises in Hyderabad (Secunderabad).

In QCFI's existence of more than two decades, many organisations in the country have had the benefit of Quality Circle Education and Training and also its assistance in establishing Quality Circles in their organizations. It is heartening to state here that they are all institutional members of QCFI, thus strengthening the base of QCFI for further service. QCFI has 20 Chapters spread over the country in the Northern, Eastern, Western and Southern zones catering to the needs of Quality Circle promotion and training of people in their respective areas.

Here you can see the details about the services rendered by QCFI, various courses conducted, list of its publications, its current activities etc. You will also find details about how to become a member of QCFI. As a member you can learn as well as help others to learn by becoming an active member.

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