Friday, March 02, 2007

Tips to Deal With Interruptions

01. Ask what they want
How we treat the interruption not only affects how our time is spent now but the likelihood that we will be interrupted later.

02. Relish the right interruptions
They can be a source of great insight, creativity and strengthen working relationships - or they can simply wake us up.

03. Recognize what's in it for you
Does it make you feel good, helpful or supportive when people come to ask for your advice or approval? If so, you have a choice: you can get acknowledgment of your positive qualities from another source, or you can happy with all the interruptions.

04. Coach People
When someone asks you for help, coach them to solve the problem themselves rather than taking on the task. It will save you time later.

05. Change your default setting
If you always say yes immediately, leave a pause before you agree. Use those moments to ask yourself the right questions to decide whether it is in your own best interests to agree to the request.

06. Stick to the process
When you delegate put a clear reporting and checking process in place and keep to it. Otherwise you may end up fielding endless requests for guidance and reassurance.

07. Keep it brief
Once the immediate problem is solved, close the discussion quickly.

08. Be a role model
Think carefully about how and when you interrupt others. If you aren't being a great role model then don't be surprised if others follow your poor example.

09. Schedule a discussion
For those who persist, explain the impact on your time. Then fix a specific time in the week or day to discuss all their issues.

10. Say no
Get used to saying "no" or at least "not now" every once in a while. The interrupters may then seek out someone who is a softer touch.

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