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Job Titles in Quality Field

01. Director :
Coordinates all aspects of the organization's QA/QC program, such as developing and administering the program, training and coaching employees, and facilitating change throughout the organization. Responsible for establishing strategic plans, policies and procedures at all levels to ensure the QA / QC program will meet or internal and external customer's needs and expectations.

02. Vice President :
Establishes the direction for the development and administration for the organization's QA / QC programs. Consults with peers on the attitudes and practices of quality throughout the organization to develop an environment of continuous improvement in every aspect of the company's products and services. Acts as a champion for quality.

03. Manager :
Ensures the administration of the organization's QA / QC program within a defined segment of the suppliers on quality issues.

04. Consultant :
Provide advice, facilitation and training on the development, administration and technical aspects of a company's quality assurance (QA) or quality control (QC) program at any or all levels in the organization. Has an expertise or specialty in some or all aspects of the quality field. Is in the forefront of keeping abreast of changes in his or her field. This person can be from outside the organization or can be an employee.

05. Auditor :
Primarily performs and reports an internal and/or external quality system audits.

06. Associate :
Participates in quality improvement projects but does not necessarily work in a traditional quality area.

07. Analyst :
Initiates and coordinates quality related data from production and service activities and reports these data using statistical techniques.

08. Coordinator :
Collects, organizes, monitors and distributes any information related to the functions of the quality department. Might also communicate information on the latest standards, procedures and requirements related to the company's products or services. Typically generates reports using computer skills and distributes those reports to various users in the organization, customers or suppliers.

09. Inspector :
Inspects, audits and reports on materials, processes and products using variable or attribute measuring instruments and techniques to ensure conformance with the company's quality standards.

10. Product Engineer :
Performs engineering work related to researching, designing, developing and producing machines, tools, production equipment, engines or related products. Duties might include the development of processes to ensure quality, cost and efficiency requirements are met. Might also research and recommend purchase of equipment or upgrades of existing equipment.

11. Quality Engineer :
Designs installs and evaluates QA / QC process sampling systems, procedures and statistical techniques; designs or specifies inspection and testing mechanisms and equipment; analyzes production and service limitations and standards; recommends revision of specifications when indicated; formulates or helps formulate QA / QC policies and procedures; conducts training on QA / QC concepts and tools; and interfaces with all other engineering components within the organization and with customers and suppliers on quality related issues.

12. Reliability Engineer :
Uses principles of performance evaluation and prediction to improve the safety, reliability and maintainability of products ans systems. Plans reliability tests and conducts analysis of field failures. Develops and administers reliability information systems for failure analysis and performance improvement.

13. Software Quality Engineer :
Applies quality principles to the development and use of software and software based systems. Designs and implements software development and maintenance processes. Designs or specifies test methods for software inspection, verification and validation.

14. Specialist :
As the primary assignment, performs a specific quality related function, such as quality training, auditing or reliability testing, in the organization's quality program. Has either received direct training or has been performing the activity for a number of years. Shows a very high degree of skill performing the activity.

15. Supervisor :
Administers the organization's QA / QC program within a defined department of the organization. Has direct reports that implement some aspect of the policies and procedures of the quality program.

16. Technician :
Performs basic quality techniques to track, analyze and report on materials, processes and products to ensure they meet the organization's quality standards. Might calibrate tools and equipment.

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