Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tips to Create Your Own Luck

01. Be Proactive :
The unluckiest people are those who wait for things to happen (it often doesn't). Lucky people go out to make them happen.

02. Take Time to Congratulate Yourself:
When something goes well, think about what you have achieved and congratulate yourself. Make your reflections personal, permanent (will continue to be true) and universal (a general achievement- e.g. "I am great at selling", not "that client was nice i that meeting".

03. Don't Take it Personally:
When something goes less well look at it as specific, temporary and external, e.g. "that was a tricky meeting but it's over."

04. Ask Questions, Listen and Gather Information:
If you know about what is going on and what other people are thinking you are more like to be "lucky". For example : "How fortunate you mentioned that just now - I was talking to Megan and...."

05. Recognize the Difference Between "Unlucky" and "Probable"
You aren't unlucky each time you miss a parking space - in fact, it would be extraordinary if you didn't every so often.

06. Change the Way You See Yourself:
By seeing yourself as unlucky you create a self - limiting belief, which becomes re-enforcing. Think of yourself as unlucky and it will become true. This also works the other way around (luckily)

07. Re-frame Failure as an Opportunity to Learn:
The only thing that all successful people have in common is that they made mistakes, and usually quite a lot of them.

08. Move On:
Challenge the value of dwelling on previous misfortunes - there is rarely anything to be gained from it.

09. Share Your Good Luck:
Praise others for their contribution - if people think they will gain from your good fortune then they will do more to make it happen.

10. Work For It:
If all else fails, remember Thomas Eddison's adage:"I"m a great believer in luck, and I find that the harder I work more I have of it"


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