Saturday, April 28, 2007

Overall Equipment Efficiency

OVERALL EQUIPMENT EFFICIENCY is a product of the availability, the performance rate, and the quality products rate.

In other words, it is a measure of the contribution of the current equipment to the added-value generation time, based on the overall consideration of the time/speed performance and non-defective ratio of the equipment.

Availability = (Loading hours – Downtime) + Loading hours

Performance rate = Net utilization rate X Speed utilization rate


Net utilization rate means continuance, and minor stoppage losses are to be calculated.

= Output X Actual cycle time + (Loading hours – Downtime)
Speed utilization rate indicates speed difference
= Standard cycle time + Actual cycle time

Quality products rate = No. of quality products + Input volume


No. of quality products = Input volume – (Start-up defect volume + No. of process defects + No. of rework causes)

Overall Equipment Efficiency = Availability X Performance rate X Quality products rate

Hye guyes, is it hard to calculate the OEE....Hit your comments....

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